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It’s time to get (get, aw) these ‘Daisy Siete’ earrings, TBH


In another life, “Daisy Siete” marks the golden era of Philippine television. With 26 seasons and the iconic girl group Sexbomb as protagonists, who would dare to disagree?

In the interwebs, you’d know that DIY brand Couch clearly knows the group’s role in society. Known for its ‘90s and Y2K cult classics merch, this store has recently dropped a new party tray that’ll make Sexbomb stans scream: A “Daisy Siete” collection.

Carefully (hand)made out of polymer clay, these earrings spell sugar, spice and everything nice—with a little “get, get, aw” kick in their details. Here’s the thing: Each sculpted design bows down to a Sexbomb queen: From Jopay’s summer green flowers to Debbie’s magenta fantasy rainbow. If the group’s election 2010 jingle “Bilog na Hugis Itlog” still lives in your head rent-free, there’s a pair for that, too.

If you’re looking for something to grab along with “Daisy Siete” earrings, Couch also has tote bags and sticker packs—from Daria- to Jolina Magdangal-inspired. 

Couch’s fund-raising campaign for Chikay, one of its creators, is also still ongoing. Chikay was diagnosed with Stage 2B Cervical Cancer early this year, and buying a shirt at P600 could go a long way.

To shop, head to its  Instagram page or online store.

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