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Is your earrings game weak? These 5 IG stores can step it up

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Expensive jewelry never enticed me. No, it’s not some “one of the boys” agenda (fuck that). It’s just that they often come off as basic. With expensive jewelry, it’s never about style, it’s about value. That’s something I never gave a shit about at all. 

When I do scour for jewelry, I want it to be two things: handmade and weird AF.  I want it to be as outlandish as possible to echo my personality and to send an eye-catching statement. Usually this desire is brought about by my Aquarian or Zillenial self. But wherever it stems from, I think this perspective is quite valid.

I’ll never have a “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” moment but if I ever do, I’d tap local Instagram stores with weird earrings. As in earrings inspired by bats, babies’ heads, Monopoly cards—you name it. 

So for folks who resonate with this specific vibe, here’s a compilation of IG shops to step up your accessory game. Let’s start with our generation’s statement piece: earrings.

My Boo PH

Can it be an earring? My Boo PH can answer that. At first glance, it seems like My Boo can make an accessory out of anything. They have baby heads, huge bats, angelic cherubs, fake razors and a lot of things you didn’t know you’d want. If your personality screams ‘niche corner,” then this is the shop for you.

Dazy Chains

The frustrated Harajuku girl inside of you follows this IG. From tame designs like gummy bear earrings to more bizarre ones like popcorn earrings, Dazy Chains unlocks some serious kawaii yearnings. They amp up your accessory game and make you feel adorable in the process. 

Tabi Tabi Po

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dangling trashbin earrings – 140 PHP

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Statement shirts are dead and Tabi Tabi Po killed them with their earrings. “Attitude ka ghorl?” is indeed the vibe when you scroll down their feed. From trash bin earrings to Monopoly cards saying “eat the rich,” this IG shop isn’t fucking around—and we respect that.



Cute and handmade are the qualities we love about Clayi. This shop is for those who want cute shit or are easing into repping weird accessories. From lemon earrings that go well with your sundress to Rabbit candy earrings that match your Randolf facemask, this shop is your friend. 

On Edge PH


This IG shop is for guys, gals and nonbinary pals. On Edge PH makes it clear in their bio. Their kidcore feed is filled with dice earrings, Hello Kitty earrings and even Lego Harley/Poison Ivy earrings. They fuel your inner childhood wants and desires with their signs. And who doesn’t want that nostalgia factor (no, not you reboots)?

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