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Amp up your ’gram game with these 4 fresh kicks


We are knee-deep in our respective feeds these days.

That’s 2020 for you. And while we don’t go out as much anymore, we still find time to have fun with our looks and flex them on our feeds, turning ourselves into Twitter queens, Insta-baddies and TikTok junkies.

Speaking of TikTok, this year is proving to be the subculture boom. We might not rep them out loud but it’s hard not to love the aesthetics. Goths, punks and preps are now replaced by Gen Z’s dark academia, cottagecore, e-kids and VSCO babies. What can we say? The zeitgeist works in mysterious ways.

FOMO on these new subcultures might kick in. Or, you know, outfit ideas for them can get scarce. So how do we step up our game? Two words: new kicks.

Here are some sneaks that might just be your ’fit solemates. It doesn’t matter whether you’re homey cottagecore or edgy e-girl, we got versatile and inclusive sneaks that are not your boyfriend’s sneaker to level up your ’fits.

E-kids meet Crew Kick Wave Canvas

It’s a throwback to your classic sportswear look. Whether you’re sporting baggy, checked wide pants or reliable shorts for oversized sweats, these puppies can roll with any ’fit in your closet. It’s a durable pair for your daily hustle minus the dreaded basicness.

VSCO babies meet Crew Kick 75 Slip On Canvas

Folks might clown on you for being basic. But sometimes, basic comes off as classic. Your ’fits are ready for any function and it’s as pastel as your Insta-feed. If you want to give your reliable sandals a rest, put on a classic slip-on. Just like your outfit right now, they’re ready for any function—or stay-at-home look—and they’re reliable to a T.

Cottagecore kids meet Crew Kick Velcro

Oxfords and Mary Janes can be cute with your frilly, flowy dress. But they’re not exactly everyday shoes, are they? Sometimes, you need to let your inner Lorde flow and pair your frocks with some sneaks. And these kicks are a staple. Plus, they can withstand your daily routine of listening to Hozier and frolicking in your garden (mask on, please).

Dark academia folks meet Crew Kick 75

Getting your plaid and blazer game on means finding the perfect shoes to match them. Sure, you can rely on some Beatle or combat boots but adding a neutral retro sneaker to your rotation wouldn’t hurt. After all, your daily grind is more than just coffee shops and bullet journals.

ICYMI, Keds’ Crew Kick collection is here to dominate your shoe rack. Celebrate the end of 2020 with The Shopee x Keds Grand Day Sale for an end-of-year sneaker party. Shop now at the Keds Official Store on Shopee.

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