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No one asked for a Baby Yoda beauty line, but we got one anyway

No one asked for a Baby Yoda beauty line, but we got one anyway

Nope, I have not watched “The Mandalorian.” But I didn’t have to watch it to know who Baby Yoda is (or for hardcore “Star Wars” fans, The Child). How can any internet urchin avoid him? From our feeds to toy shelves, he’s taken over pop-culture. 

And now, he will take the beauty world by storm. Whether we we want him to or not. 

Inside the Magic, a blog dedicated to all things Disney, leaked that Lucasfilms submitted 28 trademarked applications for a buttload of Baby Yoda merch. One of the 28 trademarks is for Baby Yoda cosmetics. The two beauty-related applications were submitted last Dec. 11 and 23.

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We can expect nonmedicated cosmetics, nonmedicated dentifrices (or you know, toothpaste), nonmedicated toiletry preparations (lipstick or body lotion), and perfumes from the Baby Yoda cosmetics line. No word yet from Disney or Lucasfilms regarding its drop date. But since Baby Yoda merch is flying off the shelves, expect your fave beauty vlogger’s exclusive review of Baby Yoda’s new palette real soon.

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Since it’s not out yet, we still have to ask: Do we really need a Baby Yoda beauty line? Or do big corporations love milking a trend ’till its dead? 

Baby Yoda plushies and Funko Pops are items I can tolerate. Hell, these are products I expected after The Child blew up. What I didn’t expect is living in a world where Baby Yoda foundation is a very real possibility. 

Welcome to 2020, I guess this is really happening. Now—take me to a galaxy far, far away from this capitalist nonsense.

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