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We rep’ the boat shoes gang now (and so should you)

Boat shoes are underrated classics, IMHO.

Style staples are important in every wardrobe. Enter boat shoes. The maritime heritage footwear that elevates any ’fit. Whether we’re amping up our daily drips or smart casual game, these kicks are more flexible than we think. It’s not only for folks reppin’ preppy style through and through, these babies go well into Y2K just as well as Indie style. Trust us when we say it can be for everybody (if we’re brave enough).

It might be the most dad shoe out there but worn right, it slaps hard. So let’s answer that Q on the top of our heads: How does one wear boat shoes right?

For boat shoe beginners and naysayers, here are ways to make the footwear work for you.

Stick with crisp, classic colorways

First time buying boat shoes? Here’s some advice: Buy a pair that’ll go with any ’fit. Don’t go wild on your first pair, or at least not yet. Picking a pair of classic two-eye leather boat shoes with neutral colorways is probably the best choice for beginners. We suggest copping Sperry’s Men’s Authentic Original 2-Eye, it’s the one and only original. Amaretto, tan or black, take your pick.

Give those old sneakers a rest

When we think of boat shoes, our mind goes to semi-casual or summer wear. That’s not always the case. And frankly, that mindset is a huge injustice to this immensely versatile style.

Some canvas boat shoes can work with more laid-back ’fits. Take Sperry’s Bahama II, for instance. It’s a boat shoe with sneaker sensibilities. Wearing this pair gives us an easy on, easy off versatility and a secure fit. Durable kicks without sacrificing drip points.


Don’t let the shoes wear you

Preppy style doesn’t work for everyone. And frankly, it’s what we would usually associate with boat shoes. But not if one wears a pair with their workwear drips, or a ‘fit that leans towards boho.

What’s amazing about workwear is it’s polished without losing its street edge. It’s practical yet durable—and that’s what we look for in everyday wear. It’s a simple combo of reliable denims, loose basic shirts and crisp footwear. Top it off with a pair of boat shoes, and you’re good to go. Going from workday to night out in just one outfit would usually be discombobulating, but Sperry boat shoes just makes sense whatever your scene.

New to the boat shoe game? Why not cop your first pair at Sperry? The versatility is perfect inspo for fresh outfits everyday. Grab your new kicks at the Sperry Sneaker Party on the Sperry Flagship Store on Shopee!

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