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Call dibs on blue cheese, sili and other unique ice cream flavors


I don’t need to listen to Blackpink x Selena Gomez’s “Ice Cream” to crave a scoop (but tbh, it can help). I’m always down for some melt-in-your-mouth treat, especially if it’s my OG flavor. But sorry to myself, it does get a little boring sometimes.

If you’re like me who’s itching to score another pint sometime soon, consider this a dare: Why don’t you try some unique (and maybe slightly controversial) flavors? If your taste buds could talk, they’d probably wish to get outside their comfort zone, too.

From a soy sauce-based surprise to nostalgic twists, here are delivery-ready flavors you’re free to long for—especially when you need something exciting to happen in your life for once. Procrastinating gift-givers are welcome.


Dojo Dairy’s Seaweed, Blue Cheese and Wasabi

Pulling up in Greenhills means holding onto Dojo Dairy’s prophecy: To serve the heck out of our Japanese snack cravings. Among the lineup are the Seaweed, Wasabi and Blue Cheese (made out of Hokkaido  blue cheese and sweet figs!) ice cream flavors. Now that’s a challenge.


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1st Colonial Creamery’s Sili 

Sure, you passed the spicy noodle challenge some time pre-pandemic—but have you ever conquered 1st Colonial Creamery’s Sili ice cream? Bowing to its roots in Bicol, this flavor defeats the typical sweet expectation on desserts. Don’t worry, you can go easy first. The levels range from one to volcano. 

Kurimu’s Shoyu Caramel

So, WTH is Shoyu Caramel? First off, “shoyu” means soy sauce in Japanese—and that’s exactly the star of this flavor. Before you hesitate, the handcrafted ice cream brand actually made this one the unexpected dessert you’ll drool for. Thank God for Kurimu and its big brain moments, we also have its  strong and rich Golden Ticket Blend and Kinako Vanilla flavors to rave about.


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Merry Moo’s Dirt and Gravel

Dirt and Gravel? More like the cookie and cream stan’s complete package: Oreo crumbs, chocolate stones and cookie dough make up the flavor. It’s on limited edition, by the way—so there’s no better time to down that gooey sweetness than now. Want a bigger feast? Dibs on Quezo de Bola and Earl Grey Tea while you’re at it. 


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The Lost Bread x Hapag x Auro Chocolate’s Champorado

Champorado, in most days of the  year, is a right decision. This is why The Lost Bread, Hapag and Auro Chocolate decided to collaborate on this treat and, well—it’s one of their best decisions so far. With 100% Auro Chocolate Cacao Tablea, black rice and palad brittle, this flavor will have you satisfied in no time. Bonus: This team-up also gave birth to Banana Cue and Espasol. The taste jumped out.


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Header photos by (from L to R) Kurimu, The Lost Bread and Charmaine Wong of This is Eat MNL for 1st Colonial Creamery 

Art by Yel Sayo



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