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Non-green thumb havers, these Lego plants won’t wither on you

You remember how basically everyone you knew was buying potted plants last year? Yeah, and I have yet to feel the joy of having blooming plants like that because save for a few dried up cacti, I don’t really have much of a green thumb. 

For a lot of people, plants are destressers, helping them relax while brightening up their workspace. How can the rest of us non-plant havers get in on the hobby without unwittingly letting our plants wither? Maybe if the plants aren’t real to begin with, there’s a chance.

That seems to be just the idea behind Lego’s ready-to-assemble botanical collection and, NGL, it’s pretty dope. The collection comes in two sets: a 878-piece bonsai tree and a 756-piece flower bouquet.

The bouquet set comes in colorful petal pieces to create snapdragons, roses, poppies, asters and daisies, plus a bunch of grass so you can arrange the flowers yourself and live that florist AU.

Non-green thumb havers these Lego plants won’t wither on you - 003

Photo courtesy of Lego

The bonsai set meanwhile can be built into a seven-inch tall potted tree. You can even swap its green leaves for cherry blossoms, how cool is that?

Photo courtesy of Lego

Non-green thumb havers these Lego plants won’t wither on you - 001

Photo courtesy of Lego

All sets are recommended for anyone 18 and up since they have really tiny pieces that kids might swallow accidentally.  

So if you’re up to the challenge of building your own plants, you can check out these sets at Lego certified stores, major retailers or on Lego’s online flagship stores


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Photos courtesy of Lego


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