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Have your daily vibe check with this hella cute mood tracker

Have your daily vibe check with this hella cute mood tracker

What am I manifesting for everyone in 2021? Self-care, homie. 

The process isn’t the same for everyone. Some tap to order their comfort food, disconnect from social media for a day or consult Co-Star. But here’s a coping mechanism I personally recommend: doing a daily vibe check. 

Journaling makes this a tad easy for me, particularly creating my own mood tracker. The little boxes serve as my low-maintenance “how are you?” to myself. On the daily, I get to monitor my sanity instead of bottling up my emotions—or worse, never acknowledging my feelings at all. Come to think of it, observing my “personal record” every end of the month is my self-love language. 

Visual artist Roi (@roisarts) definitely gets this. As a self-debriefing from the hell hole that was 2020, the 19-year-old decided to gift us all with her own mood trackers. First of all, we’re so ready to print these. 

In bright, soft and citrusy shades, Roi’s sheets let us fulfill our 2021 self-care agenda minus the energy and time. Just by shading boxes every day, we’ll be able to observe our well-being (and weird but acceptable headspaces). Not in the mood for long-ass diary entries? That’s fine.

And here’s a tip: If you’re a student, Roi also made some easy-to-accomplish study planners months ago. Take your dibs. 

The trackers are available in PNG, PDF or PPT. Download them for free here and help the artist fund her future works here. 

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