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This latest Makò zine asks “what if there are no police?”

This latest Makò zine asks “what if there are no police?”

Amid cries of “defund the police” after several police brutality cases around the world, the abolition of the police force has been foremost in some people’s mind. And now, the “what if?” comes—in zine format, thanks to one local artist collective.

For its first zine of 2021, Makò Micro-Press recently released “What if There Are No Police and Prisons?” a “zine thesis” and introductory discussion on police abolition in the Philippines. Partnered with Abolisyon PH, this latest zine is a comprehensive look at a society with no police force, as well as its implications. 

“Can we imagine a better alternative response than a guy with a gun showing up? If so, who? How do we address harm without violence?” reads the zine.

Coupled with information on the abolition movement, the zine also takes a look at alternative ways to seek justice without cops.


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“What if There Are No Police and Prisons?” is available for free. Download the zine through its WeTransfer link, print on an A3- or A4-sized paper, and follow the folding instructions on the PDF file.

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