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Prove graphic design is your Passion™️ in this free conference

Prove graphic design is your Passion™️ in this free conference

Design nerds and low-key graphic enthusiasts, the third edition of Oro Design Conference is happening—this time it’s online and absolutely free. The conference is slated on Feb. 20, Saturday, from 1 p.m. to 6:30  p.m. via Zoom, which will also be broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. 

Since 2019, the conference has been a “gathering of prominent designers and design studios from all over the Philippines (meant) to share their stories, process, and advice to curious and creative minds in Northern Mindanao.” So if stepping up your graphic design gig is one of your goals this year, you know what to do.

Since it’s now online, everyone can have the opportunity to join the conference from literally anywhere. “Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we are ready to bring the conference to people online. We believe the creative dialogue we’ve started is worth pursuing, especially now as designers everywhere are facing unparalleled challenges while adapting to unfamiliar routines,” said the organizers.

We’re keeping our tabs open for the speaker lineup reveal, so go get those extra XP points and find the motivation to do your thing this year. Is it improving your font choices?Or volunteering to do your org’s event posters? You can pre-register here.

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