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Wanna be a cute hacker? This handheld Tamagotchi-like device is for you

Wanna be a cute hacker? This handheld Tamagotchi-like device is for you

Hacker wannabes, it’s time you meet Flipper Zero: a hacking device with a left-leaning, techno-loving dolphin personality. 

Dubbed the “Tamagotchi for hackers” and inspired by the cybernetic dolphin in the 1995 movie “Johnny Mnemonic,” Flipper Zero started out as a kickstarter idea that raised more than enough money for its production. Flipper Devices, Inc., the Russian team behind it, will release the product this February and its backers are hyped for sure. No notice on commercial availability yet but you can still pledge on their kickstarter to avail of it early.

Flipper Zero can be used to prowl server networks, analyze and intercept signals and bypass securities from smart sockets to garage doors. The more you hack, the more its dolphin personality will grow, all viewable from a 1.4-inch LCD monochrome-display handheld device. You can also communicate with other Flipper units. 

Hacking has never been this cute and affordable at just $100. If you’re a self-proclaimed tech geek and all that, you can read Flipper’s full specifications on its website.

“Flipper was born in hackerspaces, but while the modern meaning of this word  ‘hacker’ is to break or steal, its initial meaning was to learn something deeply,” said Alexander Kulagin, one of the co-inventors of the hacking utility.

Although hacking has been put in a negative light, it’s a battle of security after all, especially in an age of integrated networks (℅ computers of all kind, duh). “We wanted to show that hacking is actually for everyday use and that it’s not some evil thing, it’s just a skill set like anything else,” added Kulagin “We get a lot of comments like ‘what if kids use this to break into my gate or my office or my house?’ We always say that if a kid can hack you with a $100 tool, maybe it’s time to upgrade your security.”

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