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Cinema ’76 first stream of 2021 is a jaw-dropping docu on North Korea’s regime


Cinema ’76 @ Home Virtual Cinema starts 2021 with an eerie docu.

Starting Jan. 29, one of Manila’s microcinemas will stream a harrowing tale of two Malaysian women murdering the favorite son of former North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Il. This documentary by Ryan White dares ask: who are these women to topple a member of the North Korean dynasty? Are they assassins or mere pawns in a more sinister political game?

“The shocking and audacious murder of North Korean royal family member Kim Jong-nam in a Malaysian airport sparks a captivating global investigation,” writes Cinema ’76 in its r Instagram post. In the first month of the year, this documentary from the Emmy-nominated director plans to wrinkle our brain with a thick political plot, possibly more sinister than we imagine. This ain’t your “Crash Landing On You” story—it’s reality.

There are no other details on its virtual screening just yet. In the meantime, we can peep the trailer below and keep ourselves posted on Cinema ’76 social media platforms.

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