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Self-evaluation 101: This online test tells if you’re hard to get along with

Self-evaluation 101: This online test tells if you’re hard to get along with

Get in, kids, we’re self-evaluating. 

So, you say you know yourself to a T but have you ever wondered if it’s easy to vibe with you? If you’re unsure of  that, an online test might hint at your energy from an outsider’s POV.

The IDR-DPT or Difficult Person Test is based on the work of Dr. Chelsea Sleep, P.h.D. and her colleagues, and delves  into the structure of antagonism as published in “Personality Disorders: Theory, Research and Treatment.”   The test is free, online and asks the question: Is it hard to get along with you? 

The 35-item questionnaire explores how you perceive yourself, the people you meet and the aftermath of simple interactions. It also  questions your headspace on tension-hammered moments. Do people bother you by just being around you? Do you think people purposely want to disappoint you? Do you use insincere flattery to get your way?

After the test, your results will spill the tea. Your score will answer the question:  Are you an easy or difficult person to vibe with? Major determinants include suspicion (strong distrust of others), dominance (tendency to talk down to others), callousness (lack of empathy), grandiosity (grand sense of self-importance), aggressiveness (tendency to behave with hostility), risk-taking (probability to engage in risky behavior) and manipulativeness (inclination to exploit others for self). 

Disclaimer, though: The test, although informed by Dr. Sleep’s paper, isn’t associated with “any specific researchers in the field of personality psychology, psychopathology, or any affiliated research institutions.” NGL, the questions may be a personal attack—but they do have a purpose.

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