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It’s true, you can play Pokémon Red on Twitter now


Apart from launching “[celeb name] is over” parties and leaving our 2 a.m. thoughts on our drafts, there are more uses for Twitter than we thought— like playing Pokémon Red.

Thanks to programmer Constantin Liétard, users can now play the Gameboy Classic game with one click on his profile picture. Liétard used the social media site’s programming interface to recognize his inputs. Instead of Pokemon Red being played by one user, Twitter users are playing it as a community.

Here’s how it works according to The Gamer: It analyzes specific responses from the Twitter Plays Pokémon thread, and popular replies are ranked with the most voted for action implemented into the game every 15 seconds.


“This could be anything from “Up,” denoting a movement one square upwards, to “Thunderbolt,” meaning that Pikachu will use a super-effective move against Misty’s Goldeen—or, if Twitter is feeling cheeky, a completely ineffective one against Giovanni’s Rhydon,” says The Gamer in its interview with Liétard. “Given how many players have become invested in Twitter Plays Pokémon, the entire project has already been rebooted several times.”

Liétard’s Twitter Plays Pokémon might be a good step in having more community-based games on the platform. Facebook Gaming who? We definitely do not know her.

Feel free to play it here.

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