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The Lorde has finally risen with new MV ‘Solar Power’

The Lorde has finally risen with new MV ‘Solar Power’

After writing several updates (and a conspiracy theory) over the past years, we have finally made it. I, too, can’t believe I’m writing about it. Our Lorde and savior has risen, and she has finally released a new song—and a music video.

Following this week’s very cheeky single cover reveal, the Kiwi singer broke her long four-year musical drought with the release of her track “Solar Power” today, alongside its visuals. 

In a mix of “Midsommar” carefree, cult-y vibes and Donna’s hot girl summer from the “Mamma Mia!” cinematic universe, Lorde, in a sunny yellow outfit, traipses around the beachside barefooted as the camera follows. And because she is Lorde, she does all this as she sings, “Lead the boys and girls onto the beaches / Come one, come all, I’ll tell you my secrets / I’m kinda like a prettier Jesus.” 

And, of course, there are more treats coming for us Lorde stans. Through her preferred method of communication (a.k.a. newsletter emails), the singer announced that her upcoming album will be titled “Solar Power” as well. 

“She’s sexy, playful, feral, and free. She’s a modern girl in a deadstock bikini, in touch with her past and future, vibrating at the highest level when summer comes around,” Lorde wrote, describing her next record. “Her skin is glowing, her lovers are many. I’m completely obsessed with her, and soon you will be too.”

There’s no definite album release date as of yet, but given that the single and music video for “Solar Power” released during the ring of fire’s solar eclipse, we might have to consult some astronomers on this one. (That, and she did hint to “look to the natural calendar for clues.”)

Anyway, ladies and gentlepeeps, here you have it. Watch the MV for “Solar Power” below.

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Still from “Solar Power” MV


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