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Coming up next: A ‘Harry Potter’ TV series?

Coming up next: A ‘Harry Potter’ TV series?

It’s no longer the stuff of fan edits, Potterheads. A “Harry Potter” TV series is in its early stages—and yes, it’s reportedly for real this time.

Multiple sources told Variety and The Hollywood Reporter that a TV series based on the Wizarding World is in early development, and is heading straight to stream on HBO Max. 

While plans for the show are pushing ahead, no actual names have been attached to the project. According to the reports, executives at the WarnerMedia-backed streaming service are in multiple talks with potential writers for the show. 

Since the project is still in the pitching stage, we’re left with no choice but to, ahem, subtly push these ideas if anyone’s listening: 1) A Marauders era TV series. Literally everyone from “Harry Potter” Tumblr wants it. 2) A Hogwarts founders TV series. It’s best that we start shipping Godric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin the soonest. 3) Anything that doesn’t involve Grindelwald. That one’s cursed.

While we wait, we’ll bask in the Wizarding World like we do with everything: virtually

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