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Learn about the plight of marginalized sectors in Bahaghari’s free ed series

As we continue to fight for free academic spaces, sometimes we may have questioned whether our form of activism is valid or not. Or just wondered about activism in general: Why is the government often connecting communism with terrorism? What is performative activism? How do we know if we’re doing activism right? Is there a right way to do it? 

If you’d like to know more about the plight of marginalized communities in the country but you’re unsure of where to start, LGBTQ+ rights group Bahaghari’s Metro Manila chapter is offering a free educational discussion series that may answer your questions.

From Jan. 25 to 30, Bahaghari will be conducting its 2021 ED Fest series on the plight of marginalized sectors and other issues plaguing the country today.

Starting today, Jan. 25, is an orientation on sexual orientation and gender identity expression (SOGIE) and a situationer on the LGBTQ+. On Jan. 26 and 27 sees Maikling Kurso sa Lipunan at Rebolusyong Pilipino, an introductory course on Philippine society and revolution. 

On Jan. 28, they will be teaching Araling Aktibista, which aims to break down the political philosophies of Marxism, Leninism and Maoism, three buzzwords that often come up in the context of communism. 

On Jan. 29 and 30, they will be tackling Mga Espesyal na Kursong Masa, a three-part discussion on campaigns for farmers, women and children.

The educational talks are open to everyone. If interested, you may sign up here and choose which ones you’d like to participate in. 

With the recent termination of a three-decade-old accord between the University of the Philippines and the Department of National Defense, there’s all the more reason we should fight for dissent and issues that matter to us.

And perfect timing, we’ll be celebrating the anniversary of a revolution next month. 


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