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This Twitter plug-in will attack you with your to-do list

This Twitter plug-in will attack you with your to-do list

If you’ve either a) come from Twitter, b) experienced symptoms of the Doomscroll™, c) left your to-do list unchecked, or d) all of the above, then you’re in luck—there’s a browser extension to save your lazy ass. (Finally.)

The Safari plug-in Hijack Your Feed promises to do precisely that—hijack your Twitter timeline with your ever-growing (but probably neglected) to-do list. Created by Jason Yuan, Omar Rizwan and Jeff Dlouhy, the plug-in replaces promoted and ordinary tweets with imposing and colorful posts straight from your reminders’ list, with bold text that practically screams “ORDER MORE CAT FOOD.”

This app fills Twitter with your to-do list to save your lazy ass 2

Safari desktop users can download Hijack Your Feed from the Mac App Store. Once installed, you’ll be prompted to link the plug-in with your Reminders app as well as allow access to your Twitter timeline.

After that, voila—you’ve got yourself an annoying albeit aesthetically pleasing bot pestering you to productivity. Just like the Reminders app, you can tick off your list by clicking “Mark as Done” on the giant note.

Ready to get stuff done? Download Hijack Your Feed on the App Store.

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