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Tell your homies: Kartell’em has a new drop this month

It’s been a while so call your friends and tell ’em the boys of Kartell’em are back this month with an album. Yes, not just a single, but a whole album. 

After mostly collabs and individual pursuits, the members are finally ready to drop their second album “Tell’em Wasak,” teasing the album art on their social media platforms.


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2020 was a great year for Kartell’em: We got mixtapes from Sica and DJ Muii, albums from Waiian and Yorko, beat tapes from Ruiijikun, a cypher with new members under Playa Hataz and a track on the Philippine drug war. 

It’s been more than a year since Kartell’em released their debut album “Tell’em Once” (make that almost two years, since the album came out in March 2019). Whatever the boys have in store this February, y’all know it’s gonna be lit. 


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Still from “You Can’t Do It” MV


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