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6 Restaurants To Try In Hong Kong Past Midnight

6 Restaurants To Try In Hong Kong Past Midnight

by Ken Coseto

You’re sweaty, tired and hungry walking along the upward-sloping music-tinged streets of Lan Kwai Fong (LKF). You and your friends scour the avenue of bars and convenience stores for nourishment to calm down your grumbling tummies and soak up the alcohol. Your eyes spy a 7-11? No thank you. You aren’t craving for potato chips or cheap snacks. You’re craving for late night food for the (dirty) soul.

With a past as a British Colony and a long-standing history as a center of commerce, many nationalities from the West and East have resided on the island and left their own footprint in the food-geography of Hong Kong. Today, Hong Kong has become a melting pot of different cuisines and a city-populated with foodies that even during ungodly hours, you’d still have access to a global menu.

Whether you’re famished from a night out or you’ve just woken up from an over-extended nap, here’s a handy guide to aid you in your quest for past midnight chow.


Ebeneezers is an LKF staple. Everyone in HK has a fond (or maybe not so fond) memory in this Kebab and Pizzeria after-party staple. As soon as you step into the cozy enclave, you’re welcomed by the appetizing scent of kebab, curries, pizza, biryani and salad. A bite out of a greasy lamb kebab, with the white cream sauce even spilling onto your night’s outfit, hits the spot after a few beers or 5 shots.

Address: 5 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong (and a lot of many other addresses)
Opening Hours: Sun-TH 10 AM until 6AM, F&S 10 AM until 7 AM


Right Beside Ebeneezers, Cali-Mex is often an arena where those on the hunt pre-game and eye possible prospects before hitting the streets. However, for the young, hungry and craving for damn good Mexican food, Cali-Mex is your answer to those post-midnight burrito, quesadillas and taco binges.

Address: 7 Lan Kwai Fong, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: M-W until 11PM, TH until 3 AM, F&S until 5:30 AM and Sundays until 10 PM


Amazake 3
After a night of dancing (or standing beside the bar), you must be tired of loud music and those aching shoes. Amazake is a welcome respite. Not only does Amazake serve modern Japanese style Izakaya dishes like gyoza, robatayaki (grilled meat on a stick), and hearty bowls of ramen, but you can play a game of beer pong or rage cage to cap the night off.

Address: Shop A, Ground Floor, On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: TH 6 PM until 1:30 AM, F&S 6:00 PM until 3:00 AM

Chicken Hof & Soju

If you happen to be moseying out of a trendy bar in Wan Chai, here’s no better remedy to a possible hangover then crispy, greasy and oily chicken. Chicken Hof & Soju serves crispy Korean-style friend chicken that suits your spice palate. You can choose between mouthwateringly sweet, regular, or tear-jerking spicy all coming in huge portions from drumstick, breast to wing. Pair it with a bottle of soju and you can call it a night.

Address: Shop C, G/F, Wah Fat Mansion, 405-419 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai
Opening Hours 12 PM until 5 in the morning

Sun Fat Congee Shop

Sun Fat Congee Shop
There’s nothing more sin absolving than a big bowl of Congee and Sun Fat Congee Shop in Causeway Bay serves this bowl of warm rice porridge all hours of the day. Stepping into this old-fashioned hole-in-the-wall, you’re welcomed by the smell of preserved eggs and minced pork. Calm down you bellies not just with congee but just-prepared rice rolls, fried noodles and dumplings.

Address: Shop C, Canal Road West, Causeway Bay
Opening Hours: All day, Everyday

The Flying Pan

The Flying Pan 1
After a long night, it’s not surprising to seek out breakfast food. The sun is going to be up soon and The Flying Pan welcomes you to the retro-styled 24-7 diner with greasy open arms. Mix alcohol and oil with fresh-off-the-griddle pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, or an eggs benny.

Address: G/F Old Bailey Street, Central, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 24 Hours

Photos from Aaron Quinto and the restaurant’s Facebook pages.



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