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We’re making LONER’s ‘Para Sayo’ this year’s V-Day anthem

We’re making LONER’s ‘Para Sayo’ this year’s V-Day anthem

TBH (and not to be a romance cynic here), Valentine’s Day sounds like a stressful holiday. It reminds me of crowded malls, heavy traffic and, well, towering expectations. However, this quarantine might just give way to lowkey celebrations—and Loner’s “Para Sayo” is our highkey anthem. 


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As Loner further explores dance pop, “Para Sayo” brings us the feeling of assurance—mainly from knowing that we have a person who accepts us and our past. Its fast-paced techno sound sends us to a supercut of moments with that person in mind, whether it be a simple conversation or a major heart eyes event. IDK about you, but this doubles as an honest, genuine love letter to boot. Nothing beats knowing your ride or die exists—non-romantic relationships included. 

Mastered by 60NICE, lead guitar by Gabe Dandan and written, produced and mixed by Loner, “Para Sayo” is now up on streaming platforms. If you’re blasting this in your room on the 14th, might as well add the artist’s whole “Into Midnight” EP to your tracklist. 

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Photos by Daryl Nacario, styled by Jana Silao and hair and makeup by Jia Achacruz

Banner art by Yel Sayo



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