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Most High Co.’s “The Film School Dropout” collection gets up close and personal

Streetwear label Most High Co. is best known for their essential pieces touched by poetry, putting them under our radar as one of the local brands to look out for. Good news for fans and the folks out there who’ve been itching to get new stuff for their closets–Most High Co. is dropping a fresh collection of t-shirts and hoodies. Owned by Paulo Reyes, the new line is rooted in his personal experiences. The introduction to “The Film School Dropout” collection reads:

This goes out to the dreams we fought for.
The dreams we cried for, lived for,
and the ones that died along the way.

Dreams don’t stay the same.
Some evolve, some change.

And that’s okay.
Shout out to the dropouts.

Check the brand’s drops here:

By Denise Fernandez
Worn by INRI
Styled by Bryan Sochayseng


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