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10 feelings while watching SB19’s ‘Ikalawang Yugto’ trailer

10 feelings while watching SB19’s ‘Ikalawang Yugto’ trailer

My current thoughts on the A’TIN fandom? Hella supportive, hardworking, and most of all, 10/10 spoiled by their main boys. 

Exhibit #4728: SB19 has been cooking something up its sleeve, and we were just given a (totally loaded) glimpse of it yesterday, Feb. 15. Playing like a post-Valentine’s gift to supporters, the trailer for “Ikalawang Yugto” by the P-pop group marked a new era of music and talent OTW to our already-messed up heads. 

Before we further mess them up, here’s a peek into my emotion pool while watching the group’s  freshest release (and proof that I, like you, haven’t left SB19’s  zone at all.)

Here are 10 things SB19 had me feeling:

  • Bittersweet. Y’know the feeling of witnessing some of your faves grow and get the bread every single time, then deciding it’s time for the next stage so you root for their bravery and confidence even more?
  • Like playing “Alab” a.k.a. the hype song, on loop. 
  • Impersonating five duplicates of this emoji: ?
  • Like seeing a supercut of movies that scream one word: royalty.
  • Passive-aggressively sending the link to P-pop haters (who won’t even bother checking the actual stuff out.)
  • Tensed. ‘Cause this looks like a trailer of a thriller-drama, somehow.
  • Like asking where’d they buy their ‘fits. The patterns and palettes? Purely *chef’s kiss*. 
  • Like repeatedly whispering in my head, “King behavior! King behavior!”
  • Curious if there’s anything we’re getting other than new music releases and MVs. @/SB19, don’t hold yourselves back.

Like showering their Instagram page with likes because damn, their concept photos are on point.

Still from “SB19 ‘Ikalawang Yugto’”



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