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An ABS-CBN x GMMTV collab is happening (and we have pitches)

An ABS-CBN x GMMTV collab is happening (and we have pitches)

BL and BrightWin stans couldn’t be happier.

ABS-CBN Films managing director Olivia Lamasan herself confirmed it: A show featuring one of 2gether’s main casts Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin is in the works. 

In an interview with entertainment journalist MJ Felipe, Lamasan was hesitant to spill the tea at first but finally revealed that ABS-CBN, in partnership with Thai production company GMMTV, is currently brewing a movie with one of the “2gether” leads. Need we say more? This is something we’ve been  *manifesting* all along.

With the  skyrocketing popularity of Boys’ Love (BL) series in recent years, Filipino fans and producers have embraced its unique charm by supporting and making movies that follow its  (mostly) feel-good romantic vibes. Now that a homegrown company is involved, we can’t help but wonder what kind of narrative to expect.

Obviously we’re left guessing and we can’t help but pitch our own plot. Directors, hear us out. 


Happy 2gether


A film where intense passion is seen and felt in the most devastating manner? We can’t help but imagine one of them cast as a broken-down romantic or a heartbreaker who tries to deal with his own pain, all in the name of love.


Stranger By the Coast


If you’re in it for the thrill like some of us are, how about showing either of them as a gorgeous protagonist who lures his victims into some tropical beach destination, only to slay them. Victims falling prey sets the tone for a stirring chase of fetish and hidden desires.




With those young, beautiful faces of BrightWin, it seems like a coming of age scenario is never out of the question. Have them play an Elio-like character trying to discover a remarkable lesson early in life. Say, a short-lived romance that expired from  conflicted interests.

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