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A series on ‘The Boy Foretold By The Stars’ is in the works, and here’s a script preview

ICYMI, the BL film that blended fate, faith and love is moving on to smaller screens.

The Metro Manila Film Festival 2020 entry “The Boy Foretold By The Stars” is continuing as a limited series. Adrian Lindayag and Keann Johnson will be reprising their roles as Dominic and Luke, respectively. 

Director Dolly Dulu, who also wrote the film, just teased us with an excerpt of the first episode’s 30-page script. The preview shows what our protagonists have been up to since the events in the movie, a.k.a still at it with their sweet, playful moments in the auditorium. 

The original film was described as the “first Filipino BL movie,” as it was in production even before the lockdown and the rise of other BL titles last year. It gained attention for its portrayal of the young effeminate gay, specifically how the character was brought to the spotlight with an actual narrative and not cast to the side as comedic relief.

There’s not a lot of details about the series yet, like when the release date is or how many episodes will be airing. All we know is that it’s already brewing at Dreamscape Entertainment together with the film’s producers, Clever Minds Inc.

And in case anyone here’s got the acting chops, they’re currently looking for someone to play the third lead. 


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