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Flour sacks transform into cute ‘fits in these 4 IG shops


Scrolling through the interwebs, you’d know that it’s a pretty interesting era for fashion. Apart from the crochetcore comeback, Y2K takeover and Crocs slowly being socially accepted, reworked clothes are getting the attention they deserve. Many of these have made flour sacks their main G, and we couldn’t be more fixated. From creative corsets to standout dresses, these garments are peak unique. 

I, for one, have devoted my screen time daydreaming sick looks with these flour sack-based ‘fits. Thanks to these Instagram stores, we’re heading to the sustainable route with their upcycled and refashioned pieces. Get in homie, we’re flexing our personalities, supporting independent businesses and giving flour sacks a new lease on life.


If a warm summer day can be worn, Craftcha’s collection is exactly it. Since 2009, this brand’s ethos has revolved around its love for nature, which in turn gives birth not only to garments (halter tops, frill-filled dasters, tie-knot blouses, tokong pants—you name it) but also household items like large sacks and pillowcases. Thanks to katcha, Hinabi and scrap cloth plus old jeans, they get to work their magic. 


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According to its bio, Hello Habi is for the free-spirited conscious consumers and the changemakers. Well, we see it. Filled with whimsical details, pastel palettes and neat finishes, Hello Habi’s lineup of corsets, halters, stunning hues and button-downs tick off everything worthy of your next closet rotation essentials. (Bonus: They just dropped stickers, too.)


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There’s something about Project’s garments that’ll make you believe you’re a character in a painting. Apart from its stylistic and experimental direction, there’s something about its choice of patterns that’ll make you obsessed. Classic heart corsets? Playful patchworks? They’ll always get you pumped. This Tagaytay-based brand knows what they’re doing.


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And Again Clothing

Looking for something more formal and firm? Clothing store And Again’s lightweight polos will do the trick—just peep their balanced, fresh designs. The collection also has a dedicated space for kimono and crop top fans. IDK about you, but our closets deserve something from theirs.

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Art by Yel Sayo

Photos courtesy of And Again Clothing, Hello Habi, Craftcha and Project 



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