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Ylona Garcia is OTW to domination in fresh drop ‘All That’


Scout cover star, resident dynamic artist and 88rising’s newest homie Ylona Garcia is making us process so many thoughts. One of them is to choose ourselves, ‘cause why TF not?

We’re blaming our epiphany on Garcia’s newest drop, “All That.” Released today, Mar. 3, as her Paradise Rising debut, this high-energy pop single is our newest no B.S. anthem to other people (and ourselves, too.)

“Thanks for asking, I’ve been doing well,” Garcia begins as if talking to someone on the phone. This conversation runs through the whole course of the song, giving us a glimpse of realizations, promises, confessions and actual New Year’s resolutions—because all the bad shit has to be left in 2020. It has everything a loveable banger has: catchy lyrics, exciting rhythm and a self-assured energy. 

We shift our attention to different versions of Ylona as the MV shows her goal to walk her talk. From carrying bulks of tissue to dancing with her hair down, “All That” is enough to prove she’s on her way (spoiler alert: OTW to Ylona Garcia domination, that is.)

Watch the music video here:

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