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Grab the tissue box, Pixar’s ‘Float’ is free to watch online

This 3.3. sale, I know what to get: tissue boxes. Lots of them.

In case you got caught up with the internet’s noise and missed it, Pixar’s “Float” is available to stream on YouTube. Directed by Filipino-American writer and animator Bobby Rubio, this 2019 Pixar SparkShort might just be your next favorite heartwarming tearjerker. I know hump day’s not the most ideal time to get Emotional™, but at least it’s just seven minutes long. More time to compose yourself after, I guess.

Announced two years ago, it drew a lot of attention and excitement right off the bat—mainly because of its Fil-Am protagonists as well as the way it weaves  father-son relationships: When the dad discovers that his son has the special ability to float, he tries to keep him safe from judgment. He hides and grounds him, until his son’s ability becomes public. Because of this, the dad decides whether to run away or accept his son for who he is. 

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“Float” still from Inquirer Entertainment 


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