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Your ‘Sailor Moon’ phase isn’t over—just watch this new movie trailer

Your ‘Sailor Moon’ phase isn’t over—just watch this new movie trailer

Will our “Sailor Moon” phase be truly over? Apparently not, because Netflix is about to release two new movies from the truly iconique™ long-running anime series “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal.” And yes, the trailer just dropped.

Released today, the preview peeks at the double feature that ended “Sailor Moon’s” 26-year film drought. In “Sailor Moon Eternal,” Usagi and friends have gone their own ways, but an unknown villain and a dark circus troupe (read: evil clown girls) soon become a threat to the planet, forcing the Sailor Guardians to band together once more. Which is pretty much a win for us, TBH.

After several delays due to the pandemic, the two-parter was released in Japan earlier this year, but now, the world will get it in full streaming glory on June 3. Aside from the much-awaited Sailor Saturn transformation, “Sailor Moon Eternal” will bring back more faves since it’s a continuation of the 2014 reboot and the 1992 anime series. 

Elsewhere in “Sailor Moon” news, folks can now cosplay these magical girls just in time for its premiere, all thanks to this makeup line.

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Still from “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal”



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