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ANORAAK heads to XX XX this October 20

ANORAAK heads to XX XX this October 20

’80s synthpop manages to hit the sweet spot between cerebral and visceral, and modern reimaginings—think of the amp’d up synthesized music of Drive—still capture that feeling to the tee, Frederic Riviere, also known as ANORAAK, included.

Fresh from his Black Gold Sun EP release, The French producer is touring Asia, and will head to Manila this October 20 as part of Fred Perry’s Subculture Live series.

Before his performance, we get to know more about the producer, including his recommendations on the French beat scene.,

What’s your earliest memory of music?
“Symphony nº9” by Dvorak.

Do you prefer staying in one place or does traveling do it for you? Does that affect your music?
I actually love both, and that’s where I find my balance. Travelling then coming back home, then travelling, and so on. Travelling makes me want to be back home, and being home makes me want to fly again at some point.

Who are other French acts we should be interested in? How about electronic musicians in general?
The electronic music scene here is great, and a lot of people are actually doing better outside the borders for some reason. There’s a strong return of the French language in the contemporary music and it’s for the best i think. Polo & Pan are the most know I guess, but check out other guys, like VoYoV for example.

Do you think an artist can survive without online presence? If yes, what kind of qualities must he/she have?
I don’t think that’s possible anymore. The world has changed.


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