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Want to join Zild’s ‘Huminga’ class sesh? Just send a video


It’s Day 28,874 and Zild’s “Huminga”—the title track of his sophomore album—still hasn’t escaped your brain. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s actually part of a prophecy because now, the singer-songwriter wants you to perform it

In full stock image extravaganza, Zild posted the call for entries for his “Huminga” online class. And while we know only a little about it, the details leading to the session makes us pumped. Everyone (at least a year old to be exact) is invited to send their clips performing the track, whether you feel like you’re good at it or not.

For singers who know how to harmonize, picking the chorus would be a good choice. If not, go with the melody. If you think you’re out of tune, it’s still Gucci too.

For instrumentalists, Zild wants you to go in sync with the original parts. Dancers are also welcome. Just shoot it in landscape format, making your head-to-hip frame apparent. 

When you’re done, send it to [email protected] by May 15. What’s in it for you, though? “Get a chance to win unlimited happiness, good for one year,” the video promises. I, too, would like 10 of that. 

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Still from “Huminga (Official Video)”




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