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So, a dating app merging Tinder and TikTok is coming


To no one’s surprise, dating app fatigue is a thing. Only small tweaks have been made in matchmaking lairs in recent years, and folks might be on the lookout for something beyond the usual photos and DMs. Will a new dating app break this cycle? 

Meet Snack. According to founder Kimberly Kaplan, this video-first application is designed to work like “Tinder meets TikTok,” and is targeting a younger audience—particularly Gen Z. “Instead of simply swiping, users post these videos to a feed,” Dazed reports. Likes will be the main catalyst here, as DMs will only be activated if you’ve liked each other’s videos.

“Snack believes videos allow users to better showcase their interests and lifestyle, as well as show off their personalities in ways static photos cannot,” says TechCrunch. Users can also share their TikTok videos on their Snack profiles. 

“For a mobile-first generation, this new form of authenticity will grow to be necessary. Snack allows users to express their real selves just like they do on TikTok, Snapchat, and other platforms we love,” said Nicholas Huebecker, one of the leaders of Gen Z Mafia, a group of start-up-focused technologists Snack collaborated with. 

With this, the dating app is open to Gen Zs who’s keen on investing in the project. As for us, we just want a more inclusive and safer online space–so let’s hope they keep this in mind. 

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