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Your next cryfest is on SB19, just listen to ‘Mapa’

Your next cryfest is on SB19, just listen to ‘Mapa’

Tissue sales might’ve just gone up, because SB19’s latest track “Mapa” has just dropped.

Released last night, the Billboard Award nominees’ follow-up to epic banger “What?” is its polar opposite, more emotional twin. “Mapa” peeks at the more vulnerable side of SB19, as the five-piece group pours out feelings echoed by those distanced from their first confidantes: their parents.

“[‘Mapa’] implies that our parents serve as our guidance and direction in life,” group leader and songwriter Pablo said in a press release, regarding the title’s double meaning. According to them, the track was also inspired by the times they were far away from home due to concert tours.

“We released this song to show gratitude and appreciation for helping us survive all the challenges and difficulties that we’ve encountered growing up,” added Pablo.

SB19 strays from their usual upbeat shtick with this ballad, filled with lines that speak of paying back their mom and dad’s unconditional love once they’re all grown up. At first, it almost sounds like a reverse lullaby—which is actually a conscious decision for the group. 

“Pablo first composed the melody, getting inspiration from a lullaby that his mother would sing to him when he was a child,” said SB19’s Josh. “He wanted to make a song that conveys the feeling of being taken care of by one’s parents. He proceeded to write lyrics that equate our parents as the ‘map’ that guides us to be the best versions of ourselves.”

Yes, I am a mess. Watch the lyric video for “Mapa” below, but grab a tissue box while you’re at it. (And give your parents a hug, too.)

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Still from SB19’s “Ikalawang Yugto”


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