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Adventurous like Nadine? This travel kit is what you need


OK, so you’re dying to do something exciting. Hike Pulag, go diving, swim with sharks (actually, don’t swim with sharks), or try deep-fried crickets for the first time. Anything to get your adrenaline (and IG feed) going. So what’s a girl to do?

Choose your own adventure. Try something you’ve never done before. Get your girl gang on a road trip and seek out the great outdoors. Do it. Feel it. Pack the essentials (we made a list) and bring your A-game. Because whatever men can do, women can do too.

Here’s everything that you didn’t know needed:

Glitter face wipes

Any walking or running activity under the sun can definitely set your sweat glands to overdrive. Sometimes, makeup can be laborious to handle if heat is the enemy, so glitter face wipes might do the trick. A total refresher.

Holographic jacket

Speaking of being noticeable and magical, if you’re packing your weapon for the weather, cop a holographic jacket. The iridescent silvers, greens, blues, and violets make you easy to spot —even in the rain, whether you need to cross the street or holler for a guide in the middle of the forest. Bonus if the jacket is a foldable down. We love our portables.

Disco ball flashlight

Yes, we’re assuming rainy and dark adventure spots, so you’ll surely need some light. Camp light, you might be thinking, but make it a disco ball flashlight. This is the most helpful tool for unpredictable places where wildlife might be at its wildest. Or, you know, there’s a hole on the ground? It also doubles as an instant party-starter, so if the coast is clear in the woods, maybe it’s time to celebrate with a little Lady Gaga or Kim Petras.

“OTW to crash the patriarchy” shirt

Like a dating app bio, wearing a shirt that pledges allegiance to feminism is one way to weed out the sexists. Girls traveling are bound to encounter all sorts of people on the road: creepers, fake feminist allies, your average everyday misogynist. This shirt helps you filter out the dudes.


“I am strong and independent” duct tape

Everything’s fun until things start to break, right? From luggage to chairs to even your trusty sneakers, an unexpected breakdown might leave you stranded in the middle of the road. Here’s a solution:duct tape. It solves everything. Better if you find some duct tape with “I am strong and independent” inscribed. Because who doesn’t like thematic merch?

Stain-removal stick

Since adventures are all about experience beyond the itinerary, we’re preparing for the inevitable. Food spilling. On your shirt. Or maybe you were too buzzed to notice that your period starts today. For stains of any surprise, a stain-removal stick is the ultimate savior.

Mountain Dew

What did we miss? Make sure to fill the energy tank up, definitely. Pack some vitamins and coffee drips for your mental canteen. Lunch boxes might get a bit bulky, so we advise having power bars ready instead. Packed with nutrients that can help you reach your goal steps, it’s best paired with a refreshing, fizzy formula that can recharge you to the extreme: Mountain Dew.


Mountain Dew supports equality and encourages women to step out of the background. Guzzle it before you attempt a major trek or even, like, a night on the town. You won’t need much else.

Art by Renz Mart Reyes


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