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5 things for your space that scream “I’m an art hoe”

There comes a point in my many pit stops at museum gift shops where I pause and think, “Wait, am I an art hoe?” If you’re harboring stacks of art-themed stationery, “Mona Lisa” socks, and a turtleneck stashed somewhere in your closet, well, we’ve got news for you: You probably are. 

But no worries, we ain’t judging. In fact, we’re cheering for you and your fascination with the fine art side of life with some home decor recommendations straight from one of your fellows (me). Get that artistic room makeover going, kids.

A Salvador Dalí melting clock

Time is a man-made concept, but it’s also a pretty-looking porcelain clock that says, “Hey, look, I’m cultured.” Make your mom proud that you know time with this Salvador Dalí clock, inspired by his famous 1931 artwork “The Persistence of Memory.” Bonus points: It came straight from the Met gift shop and onto our shores. (Alternatively, here’s a melting clock bowl for your kitchen.)

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A Wes Anderson coffee table book

From a tiny screen to the tabletop, take the colorful and symmetrical world of auteur Wes Anderson, hardbound book-style. With picks like “Accidentally Wes Anderson” and “The Wes Anderson Collection,” they’ll add an instant pop of color to whatever washed-out, boring room you want to spruce up.

Where to get: Table Stories

Anything with Yayoi Kusama’s polka dots

You know what your personal space needs? Polka dots. Yayoi Kusama’s collection will have you covered in that department with official merch ranging from tiny plushies to mugs inspired by her famous black-and-yellow dotted pumpkin. 

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A card of Edvard Munch (and more) for artistic inspo

If artistic block’s got you down again, this 50-card Art Oracle deck has all the inspiration to boost your abandoned WIP. Created by Katya Tylevich and illustrated by Mikkel Sommer Christensen, you too can be guided by the wise words of Edvard Munch’s “scream into a canvas, not a pillow” and Henri Matisse’s “productivity, even in pajamas.”

Where to get:, Shopee

Something Van Gogh (of course)

What would this list be without a Van Gogh mention? Your space won’t be complete without something from the patron saint of art hoes. For starters, get wrapped up in warmth and artistic energy with this blanket-slash-tapestry of everyone’s favorite painting, “The Starry Night.”

Where to get: Couch Potita

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