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6 tracks for your Pride playlist, as picked by local queer artists


What’s a Pride march without a good soundtrack to back it up? While flooding the streets isn’t exactly advisable in this day and age, we at least have tunes to boost our personal Pride fests. (And yes, that counts anything from loud and proud queer anthem staples to heartfelt ballads about the LGBTQ+ experience.)

So, for this special edition of Friday Picks, we present you this: a list of tracks that you ought to add to your Pride playlist, as handpicked by your fave local queer artists. Enjoy.

Pixie Labrador: “Varsity Crush” by Pixie Labrador

“‘Varsity Crush’ showcases the ‘sapphic in an all-girls Catholic high school’ narrative so accurately; a kind of pride that couldn’t be celebrated during my time in high school, but definitely should be. It’s such a nostalgic journey for someone like me who rediscovered their sexuality during that coming-of-age time in their life, so I wrote this song to be the kind of representation for younger queer kids that I didn’t have much of back then.”

Stef Aranas: “Sissy That Walk” by RuPaul

“Besides being an absolute bop, this was featured heavily on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ season 6 (the best one, TBH). It’s quintessential kabaklaan at its finest!”

Teya Logos: “Beki Bounce” by Teya Logos

“I chose this track because I’ve always imagined it for a Pride march into battle—against patriarchy, against the gender binary, and especially against the commodification, white-washing, and softening of queer culture. It’s an ear-deafening and excessive mix of vogue, hardcore techno, and budots that I hope will make you dance with fury and empowerment.”

Jason Dhakal: “I’m Every Woman” by Whitney Houston

“If you don’t know it, you’re homophobic!!!!”

Andi Osmeña a.k.a. Baby Ikea: “Can You See Me?” by Octo Octa

“I’d consider this a definitive T4T anthem, and it gets me emotional every time. There is something so spiritual about trans love and kinship.”

Kio Priest: “Hair” by Lady Gaga

“The melody and the lyrics set you free; it’s rebellious but warm. When you hear this, you will be inspired to be yourself even more.”

Listen to these tracks on our Spotify playlist below.

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