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Meet Mica Abesamis—artist, mom, and Park Seo-joon fangirl


What if you bumped into your favorite artist in the most unlikely place: Stan Twitter?  

It’s definitely possible, because as the cliché saying goes, our idols are just like us. They have their share of social media pressure, creative blocks, emotional turmoil, and a willingness to drop everything now (s/o to Taylor Swift) for someone they admire—a reality the spotlight or screens don’t usually show. 

But what is being a fan like for someone who also has fans? Do they also imagine impossible scenarios with their biases? Have they regretted buying overpriced merch? Have they graduated from the casual screaming whenever their idol is on TV? What does stan culture look like in a POV that sees both sides? These are the questions we answer in our newest video series “Your Fave’s Fave,” where our favorite creatives perform a fun show-and-tell—but instead of featuring their work, they reveal their most authentic stan selves. After all, they, too, deserve the free serotonin. 

In our first episode, I exchanged inaudible (virtual) screams with Mica Abesamis over Park Seo-joon. Once upon a time on Twitter, I seconded the PSJ sentiments of this full-time graphic designer, photographer, and mom, and we’ve been mutuals ever since. “Hindi pa rin ako makapagsalita (I’m still speechless),” she confesses while describing her experience of using a fake FaceTime-call-with-PSJ filter. But in this video, she candidly speaks on what fangirling means in her life. 

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