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This phone is a real game-changer for content creators

This phone is a real game-changer for content creators

These days, the word “content” has become a double-edged sword. Creating content is possible as long as you have a smartphone, a good internet connection, and an idea you believe in. But apart from the shooting and posting on the interwebs, it always boils down to this question: Is it only out here for clout? 

In a hotbed of engagement-chasing posts, how do you make sure that your content not only stands out but is also closely seen in the first place? How do you beat the constantly changing algorithms? How can you craft content with more impact? 

As demands have become unpredictable, the answers may not be as straightforward given today’s landscape. But there are effective ways around this, of course—and having a 64-megapixel AI camera and super charging capabilities at your disposal might be a good first step in your content game. 

Before brewing your next stories on social media, here’s a mini crash course on what to keep in mind when telling them. 

Keep that authenticity and integrity, bestie

In this house, we don’t honor clickbaits—so it’s not enough that you capture your viewers’ attention. It’s not just about getting clicks and views, as the stories you tell should be true and important. 

As seen in the recent Pinoy baiting issues surrounding certain foreign YouTube vloggers, the truth can be easily distorted and lost if authenticity and integrity aren’t on top of your list. This is especially crucial if your story relates to culture, identity, and other social issues. Did you step on any sensitive territories in the making of the content? Did you exert enough effort to research, or even talk directly to your subjects? Lastly, is this even your story to tell? Never compromise other people’s personal matters just for the online “noise.” 

Creating authentic and impactful content might involve fieldwork depending on the story you want to tell, so it would be pretty handy to have a long-lasting phone that can capture detailed photos and videos. HUAWEI nova 8i is a game changer for content creators with its 64MP AI Quad Camera, promising brilliant videos and detailed photos. It also has a 66W SuperCharge technology, which can fully charge the phone’s durable battery in as fast as 38 minutes.

Let relevance and purpose enter the chat

When you create content, it should have a purpose—be it to entertain your viewers or to inspire them to take action on certain issues and advocacies. Universality matters because your viewers would get their own takeaways. 

A good way to figure out what stories to tell is by understanding your audience. If you want to make content that will have an impact on your viewers, figure out what stories they want and need to hear, and take it from there.

When making relevant and purposeful content, it’s important to take clear shots of your subject—and by clear, we mean detailed depictions that give essence to their narrative. A smartphone like the HUAWEI nova 8i is your best bet for photo and video documentation, thanks to its 64MP AI Quad Camera. HUAWEI nova 8i’s super camera has a big 1/1.7 CMOS sensor that lets you take incredibly detailed photos. HUAWEI nova 8 is also a great option with its 1/1.56 CMOS sensor, bigger than other smartphones’ sensors. Shooting in the dark isn’t a problem with this innovation, too.

Engagement (the good kind)

Another important idea to consider in content creation is how to make it more engaging. Your content will have so much more impact if they can spark discussions, leaving people more open-minded and fueled to mobilize for a good cause. That means your stories have left such an impression on your viewers that your stories wouldn’t only live on the internet but in the real world, too. 

Does your content involve a lot of dialogue? Great audio quality is crucial. Good thing HUAWEI nova 8i and HUAWEI nova 8 are both compatible with FreeBuds. It allows video voice remote recording via the TWS earphone, so you can remotely control when to start rolling. This support works with FreeBuds Pro, FreeBuds 3, FreeBuds 4, and FreeBuds 41. Plus, FreeBuds 4 comes with an ambient noise reduction algorithm so you can have better quality audio. 

Visual storytelling is queen

While it’s important to connect with your audience as if you’re just having a casual conversation with them, your vlog should deliver something visually fresh and arresting to cut through the internet noise. Unmistakably distinct photos and videos can punctuate the message you want to get across. 

One trick to maintain your visual momentum and stand out among the crowd? Use angles or, in the case of smartphone cameras, experiment with camera modes. Employing tools like a 64 MP AI quad camera, a 120° ultra-wide angle lens, a 2 MP macro camera, and a 16 MP front camera in your arsenal—which, mind you, is neatly packaged in HUAWEI nova 8i—can help any content creator bust some effortlessly effective vlogs. 

If shooting in landscape mode is your game, the ultra-wide angle lens is your friend. How about giving a whole new meaning to mukbang? Set the cam on macro mode in your next Korean dinner. Inviting followers to your makeup haul vid? A 16 MP front camera opens a grander perspective on your beauty kit.


Working together with fellow content creators can also contribute to making your content more impactful. Acknowledge the power of combining skills together to produce good content. Plus, it can be fun to work with others because it gives you a chance to present your ideas and get fresh perspectives so you can fine-tune them and make them even better. 

Aside from these, you’ll need a repertoire of apps to let loose your creativity. Huawei App Gallery’s diverse gallery can help you think of your next content idea. Our favorites? PicsArt (for photos), (for music video production), and CapCut (for quick video editing), SHAREit (for super fast file transfers), Zoom Cloud Meetings (for stronger collabs with friends), and Evernote (for note-taking and organizing your inspiration in one place). 

If you can’t find the app you’re looking for in the Huawei App Gallery, check out Petal Search because it doesn’t disappoint with its selection.

Creativity is vital in slick storytelling, but that’s not all you need. You can come up with as many buzzy concepts as you want, but concepts will just be concepts if you don’t act on them. And there’s no better way to turn your ideas into reality than with the right mindset and tools that naturally propel you past your creative boundaries.  

The HUAWEI nova 8i is available via online Huawei stores on Lazada, Shopee, and Huawei Experience stores. The HUAWEI nova 8 is also available via Lazada, Shopee, and Huawei Experience stores. BrandRoom/TV



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