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Your music taste, but in colors? Just ask this Spotify bot

Your music taste, but in colors? Just ask this Spotify bot

Who here has continued building their personality around their playlists, despite critics’ (like this harsh Spotify bot’s) opinions? Congratulations, you’re on your way to another round of surprises.

Trying out Spotify bots has been one heck of a quarantine hobby, and another one is joining the list. Here’s Spotify Palette, a third-party app that dissects your listening activity to generate a color palette that matches it. Your move, Pantone. 

After connecting your account, you’ll instantly receive results based on their “analysis,” which comprises your tracks’ danceability, “energy,” and valence (or “positivity,” according to them). 

There, you’ll get the feel of your listening rotation through visuals and their traditional meanings, like red for energy, passion, or desire, and yellow for happiness and warmth. I, myself, am surprised that I even got a yellow in the first place—I thought my recent MCR marathons or Sad (Indie) Girl Hours would be noticeable. But I guess that “Solar Power” looping session owned it. Can I kick it? Yeah, I can. 

You can try Spotify Palette here

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