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Spread the word, not germs: Time to think #4TheFuture

There is hope in the air as we draw closer to the end of 2021. The reason? Lower COVID-19 cases, quarantine restrictions in the country easing in, cinemas are opening, more restaurants are allowing dine-in again, kids allowed in malls and parks — it is shaping up to be a merry Christmas this time around. In these trying times, staying hopeful for the future that seems unreachable is possible by being responsible.

To empower Filipinos, especially the Gen Zs, to take control of the future, Lifebuoy has teamed up with the Philippine Red Cross in launching Do The Lifebuoy #4TheFuture. This advocacy encourages the younger generation to be excellent pillars of responsibility to ensure a better and brighter future for all Filipinos and empowers them to take charge of their future by practicing proper hygiene protocols.

The responsibilities are very simple in the 4-point hygiene agenda. To be an advocate, you simply have to do the following:

Wear a mask. Cover the mouth and nose. The simple task of wearing a mask at all times when outdoors is not just an act to protect yourself against catching the unfortunate virus. It is, in itself, an act of kindness to protect the people around you — from loved ones you live with at home to strangers you bump into outside.

Keep social distancing. Follow the 2 meters distancing. While the quarantine restrictions have indeed eased in, this is still a necessity to prevent catching the virus and being a carrier. Rubbing elbows online, virtual hugs, and flying kisses should do for now.

Get vaccinated. Vaccines work! Getting the jab done is a bold step in the fight against COVID-19. It’s a noble act that, similar to wearing a mask but with greater benefits, protects yourself and those around you from catching the virus or infecting others with it. However, it must be noted that even after getting vaccinated, you can still be a carrier, which is why these 4-point hygiene agenda are in place.

Wash hands regularly. It may seem like a simple habit, but handwashing is a major game-changer. Keeping your hands clean from germs goes a long way, preventing their spread in anything that you touch or get in contact with.

These responsibilities may be simple, but they are key to seeing the light at the end of the tunnel amid the pandemic. To keep this advocacy going, Lifebuoy, in partnership with the Philippine Red Cross, tapped Gen Z influencers like Pamie Quijano-Medina, Adriane Insigne and so much more, as the ambassadors.


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If you want to help Lifebuoy and the Philippine Red Cross, help amplify the 4-point hygiene agenda, take the lead, and be one of the new Do The Lifebuoy #4TheFuture Ambassadors.

Spread the word, not germs. Do The Lifebuoy 4-point agenda #4TheFuture that you can post and share with your loved ones! Lead the movement and enjoy one year supply of Lifebuoy hygiene products, as well as a Lifebuoy Ambassador digital toolkit.

Sign up now! Be the new Lifebuoy Ambassador, fight the good fight against COVID-19, and Do The Lifebuoy #4TheFuture: Signups are welcome until December 31, 2021.


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