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Buzzfeed Unsolved’s next subject? Real Philippine horrors


Like the supernatural creatures that ever so often wake unknowingly, Filipino true crime and Buzzfeed Unsolved fans have risen. Not because of a strange occurrence, but because of an upcoming mini-series based on the Philippines’ dark horrors—real-life edition.

Buzzfeed Unsolved Network producer Aria Inthavong recently dropped a teaser titled “The Dark Horrors of the Philippines,” which reveals that the filmmaker tackled several true crime stories that have plagued the country and the larger issues surrounding them.

The one-minute teaser peeks at a range of real-life incidents, including the “curse” of karaoke killings related to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” the 1968 Jabidah massacre, and human rights abuses during the Marcos regime, with the first episode centering on the 1981 Manila Film Center tragedy.

Aria himself flew to the Philippines to interview locals for the short documentaries, which, he mentions, will delve into the “intersection between true crime and cultures.” The Philippine-focused episodes serve as a teaser for his travel project “Solivagant,” a series that’ll take on stories of the occult across regions of the world.

For folks who haven’t found themselves deep into the true crime hole of YouTube, first off: Welcome, get comfortable. The web series “Buzzfeed Unsolved,” popularized by duo Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara, revolved around perplexing mysteries, ranging from actual crimes to paranormal activities. After their final run in 2021, Shane and Ryan have since then started their own digital company Watcher, but the Buzzfeed Unsolved Network still lives on.

Plus, we don’t have to wait too long for the new series. The first episode, which will drop on Aria’s YouTube channel, is already set to stream on April 30. 

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