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Samsung’s latest party speakers are in—and they do not disappoint

Sure, you’ve heard about speakers that produce a dynamic quality of sound, mimicking music as if you’re right there in the recording studio. Some may even make you feel like you’re back in the days when you were partying ‘til dawn in the city.  What if we tell you that there are speakers that can let you relive those days?

Whether you’re just stuck at home or planning an event in an exclusive venue, Samsung’s Sound Tower may just be what you’re looking for.

What makes an audio speaker a good one? Is it the quality of sound it produces, the deepness of the bass that you can hear and feel, or probably the reach of its surround sound feature? 

Well, finding the right one for your tastes takes a lot of time. Finding the best one for you may be a challenge with the number of audio speakers to choose from out there. To make it easier for you, we’ve rounded up Samsung’s speaker range to take a closer look at how much of a real deal it is.

Samsung’s party speakers come in three variants: The Sound Tower MX-T70, MX-T50, and MX-T40. They promise to give you that complete party experience—inclusive of quality sound and powerful bass. 

These speakers offer a bi-directional sound, a bass booster function, LED party lights, and a karaoke mode (available only with MX-T70 and MX-T50) that’s sure to get you up on your feet with family or friends. 

There are differences in the specs among the three models. The T40 runs on 300-watts power, T50 on 500-watts, while the T70 has a larger capacity of 1500-watts. The T70 has a subwoofer driver in the speaker while the smaller T40 and T50 do not. 

On our more in-depth look at the speakers’ specifics, here’s a rundown of what the Samsung Sound Towers can do. 

The speakers are designed to let the music bounce around the room, making sure that its promise of having surround sound is met. With Samsung’s unique bi-directional sound design, dancing the night away with your gang will be just as easy from any part of the room. 

If you’re the type who pays particular attention to bass drops in songs, then you’ll surely hear and feel that drop with these speakers’ bass booster, especially with the Samsung Sound Tower T70’s 10-inch built-in woofer. 

Speaking of partying, these speakers add up to the right vibe with a variety of LED Party Light functions such as Party Ambient, Dance, Thunder Bolt, Star, and a lot more. It also has a number of sound modes that you can adjust whenever the mood changes. 

If you’re looking for a more customized experience, you can match the rhythm and atmosphere of the party through the Samsung Audio App and handle everything with a few taps.

The multi-functionality does not stop there. Feeling like singing karaoke or hosting an event on-stage? With these Samsung speakers, you won’t even need a separate device to connect your phone and microphones. The T50 has one mic input while the T70 can accommodate two. Sing to your heart’s content—as if you’re in your own concert hall. 

The Samsung Sound Tower has a Group Play feature that will allow up to 10 Samsung Sound Towers to join in the fun for a richer and deeper sound experience. On top of this, all Samsung Sound Towers are splashproof with its water-resistant top-panels. This takes out the need to worry about accidental water drips and splashes during pool parties and similar events.

If you want to check them out a little more, head to the Samsung Philippines’ website to find out more about its details and promos.


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