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Take a chance on PH cinema with free films from Cinemalaya


Trying to convince a friend to check out more of Philippine cinema? Missed a local festival film you were curious about pre-pandemic? Or have you been looking for that one Filipino movie you can’t wait to rewatch? 

If you’ve answered yes to either of those (and even all of the above), here’s some good news: Handpicked Cinemalaya films will be up on YouTube this June—for legally free viewing, of course.

In the announcement trailer, some memorable stories from the festival through the years were teased, including recent short films like social satire “Excuse Me Miss, Miss, Miss” by Sonny Calvento, which competed in Sundance 2021, and “Tokwifi” which bagged best short film at the 2020 Gawad Urian. 

While the complete lineup is still a mystery, Cinemalaya has already revealed the first one in the roster: Drama film “Mayohan,” directed by Dan Villegas and written by Paul Sta. Ana, which took home the best screenplay title under the New Breed category in the fest’s 2010 run.

To stay updated on the series of films to be released, check out Cinemalaya’s official channel

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