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Scout Weekend OST vol. 4: New music drops you need on your radar

If you’re anything like us, you’re always on the lookout for new music releases to either enhance your mood or fit a specific vibe. But the midyear tends to be a busy season as you check in on what you’ve accomplished and decide on how to improve the rest of the year. 

Since you’re probably too busy to keep up with everything, let us do the job for you: From alternative rock to Thai pop, we’ve curated a list of fresh tracks to refresh your playlist. As a wise man once said, “Take what resonates, leave what doesn’t.”

“Yakap” by Zack Tabudlo

Yup, Zack Tabudlo is back with yet another song that will make you want to hug a nonexistent lover. Being independent is great and all, but it’s totally fine to yearn for another person’s warmth sometimes—if not in real life, then at least while listening to this song.

“Hahayaan” by One Click Straight

Wanna feel like a badass? “Hahayaan” by One Click Straight should be on your playlist then. As the song goes, “’Di man tayo tanggapin, wala tayong pakialam.” (We don’t care even if you don’t accept us.)

Bonus: Zild Benitez stars in the music video.

“Pretty Boy” by Kio Priest

Here’s a song that would definitely get you moving… and wanting for a pretty boy. This track by Kio Priest has a bit of everything: immaculate vocals, catchy rap, and groovy production—literally a serotonin booster.

“I Like Myself When I’m With You” by Billkin

Remember the lead actor in Thai BL series “I Told Sunset About You”? He released his newest single on July 21 and it’s nothing short of romantic. Both the song and the music video will hit you with a tinge of nostalgia, reliving all the feels from your high school prom night.

“Mahiyain” by DENȲ

This one’s for the R&B lovin’ folks! Up-and-coming Filipino singer-songwriter DENȲ dropped a song that represents the would-rather-die-than-confess community. Feeling seen yet? Same.

“Ain’t Hidin’” by Flu

If there’s one thing we need, it’s more absolute jams from Flu. They’ve been gone for more than a year, but now they’re back with “Ain’t Hidin’”. Its ’80s vibe and feel-good lyrics would make you want to dance in your room, inhibitions thrown out the window.

“Can I Try Again?” by Andrea Obscura

Now, let’s try to make you cry. “Can I Try Again?” is Andrea Obscura’s debut track dedicated to lost young adults. According to them, this song describes the “loneliness of being left behind by those who know where they’re headed to.”

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Photo from Billkin’s single cover and still from Deny’s “Mahiyain” music video


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