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Other Things In Manila That Are Just A State Of Mind

Other Things In Manila That Are Just A State Of Mind

So since, as per Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade, the terrible traffic situation in Manila is all just a “state of mind,” perhaps he has a point. Maybe the whole issue of inconvenience around the bustling metropolis can be boiled down to a matter of zen, that like New York, Manila is merely a concrete jungle where dreams are made of. What if we’re just not approaching everything with the right state of mind? What else can we fix if we meditated, aligned our chakras, and sent our wishes out to the universe?

The broken MRT

Look, man, the MRT stopping itself every now and then is just a matter of perspective. You know, every setback can be a setup for a comeback. If you stopped thinking that the MRT is out to sabotage your attendance sheet or your post-work R&R time and started believing that it was preparing you for a grand entrance in the office or at home, life would be so much better.

Flooded streets

It helps to think of all the hassle you experience during rainy weather as not a problem with drainage and construction, but rather a divine experience. Jesus walked on water, right? Getting your shoes and socks all soggy is the closest thing you’ll ever get to having a spiritual awakening!

Climate change

And on that note, if flooding is just a state of mind, then surely the intense heat that’s been brought about by man-made climate change is simply all in your head. You’re not sweating buckets, that’s just pain leaving the body, yo. That heat stroke you’re close to? That’s just ecstasy.

Local networks blatantly ripping off TV shows

Haven’t you heard of masterplots?!

Paying bills and taxes

Here’s one hassle that actually can be chalked up to a state of mind: yeah, you lose money every month to the evil corporations that provide you service that sometimes leaves a lot to be desired—but think of it this way (and you should be thinking of it this way) you do this in order to enjoy nice things like your mobile data, broadband internet, electricity to use these things, and water to flush your toilet with. Never mind that they suck, because suckiness is all a matter of perspective.

Government red tape

Although this is getting a better rep under this administration, paralysis via bureaucracy is still a real thing, and while it’s been made a quicker experience, you still have to take time out of your regular day to wait in line for your driver’s license, ITR, or whatever permit you have to secure in the government. But fret not! All that time you spend waiting in line could be the canvas for your next big creative breakthrough! Or it could just be plain character-building, as you try to successfully fight the urge to strangle the employees out of impatience.

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