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5 ‘The Sims 4’ mods that’ll make your game weird again

5 ‘The Sims 4’ mods that’ll make your game weird again

Nothing says “wish fulfillment” better than “The Sims” franchise. Where else could you reenact a Wattpad fic, marry your bias, and literally flirt with Death, possibly all at the same time? And if its base game and several expansion packs aren’t enough, we turn to the thing that any creative gamer can always rely on: mods. (And oh boy, are they a lot.)

While there are plenty of mods that take “The Sims” realism up a notch (Menstrual cycle? Acne breakouts? Bank accounts, credit cards, and being swallowed alive by debt? There’s a mod for those), we’re here to relish in the utter weirdness that the games and its creative community have to offer. Just take a look at these “The Sims 4” mods that ought to boost your game’s bizarro levels.

Better fart sounds


If your Sim with a slob trait has been blessing you with lackluster farts lately, then here’s an easy fix. Scythe of’s simple but stealthy mod upgrades Sims’ current fart sounds into something much rounder and more satisfying, with none of the smell—for you, at least.

Download it here.

Anything is a hat

5 ‘The Sims 4’ mods that’ll make your game weird again 1

Bucket hats are so 2019. Why not wear an actual bucket, or you know, a giant-ass sofa? This mod by TwistedMexi lets Simmers scale, rotate, and turn any object they desire into the next innovative, showstopping, never-been-done-before, fashion-forward headpiece. 

Download it here.

Become a xenomorph

Screenshot from Andy Kelly (@ultrabrilliant on Twitter)

Sure, your Sim can float into a flying saucer then accidentally give birth to a half-alien hybrid. But with this mod by Diego Swell, your Sim can transform into a fully playable xenomorph and live their dreams of domestic bliss. If the “Alien” franchise ain’t your thing though, you can always turn your Sim into a walking conspiracy theory, like a lizard person or Big Foot

Download the xenomorph mod here.

Spread fake news and become president

5 ‘The Sims 4’ mods that’ll make your game weird again 2

It’s not cool IRL, but it makes for a good social experiment in “The Sims,” at least. Made by crdroxxpl, this “Ministry of Propaganda” mod can turn your Sim into a news anchor for a sketchy news outlet called “Faux News,” where they can spread lies and misinformation to anyone watching. Once things are kicking off, your Sim can end up as an “alternative news” anchor or the president of Sim Nation, because, obviously.

Download it here.

Be a serial killer

5 ‘The Sims 4’ mods that’ll make your game weird again 4

Guns! Knives! Death via grilled sandwich! Since the “Sims” is as family-friendly as it gets, “Extreme Violence” by Sacrificial Mods turns your session into a “Hunger Games” sequel, where your Sim can go on a killing spree like the stuff of nightmares. Warning: Yes, it will be indeed horrifying. 

Download it here.

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