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Nadine Lustre stars in a new spine-tingling thriller series


We’ve seen Nadine Lustre as a magic realism main girl, an enigmatic online content moderator, and a bold goal-getter, among other personas. This year, she’s unleashing more of her acting chops through a new role in a brand new series. 

On Nov. 13, with no prior huge heads up, streaming site Prime Video posted a teaser of one of their newest offerings: “Roadkillers.” Seemingly apt for the Scorpio season, the atmosphere is mysterious, dark, and fearless, especially with two-time FAMAS best actress Nadine as this thriller’s top biller—and Rae Red of “Babae at Baril” in the director’s chair to boot. 

A 2021 article by Lifestyle Inquirer reveals that the filmmaker has always had a penchant for the genre: “In terms of genre and thriller, I guess growing up ay doon talaga ako pinalaki (I really grew up on it). I love watching horror and action,” she said in a press conference. 

In the teaser, viewers are confronted with a crime scene and the questions that surround it. A voiceover plays, letting us peek into the internal battle Nadine’s character is having: “Walang mali sa ginawa mo. Minsan, ‘pag nagkagipitan, may nagagawa ka talagang masama para sa mga taong mahal mo.” (You did nothing wrong. Sometimes, when you’re backed into a corner, you end up doing something terrible for the people you love.) 

What is her involvement in this major turn of events? Can the lack of options—and probably desperation—justify a terrible act? That shot of Nadine’s face with police lights projecting on her face might tell that there is more to unpack. 

“Roadkillers” is arriving on Nov. 30.

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Still from “Roadkillers” teaser




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