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Meanwhile on TikTok, people are super-glueing their lips

Ah, TikTok, the land of the weird. We’re talking about the birthplace of the “Bird Box” meme, where people opted to live their lives blindfolded, prompting Netflix to tweet an official warning. In an app where “do it for the views” is everyone’s mantra, the sky’s the limit, hazardous or not. The latest trend is already raising “Caution!” signs everywhere, as users are applying super glue to their lips for a more pillowy look.

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The meme started when TikTok user @chloehammock4 dabbed glue to her Cupid’s bow, and then stuck it to her upper lip. True to the ways of the internet, other users have joined in on the craze.

Sounds familiar? You may recall the similar Kylie Jenner lip challenge back in 2015, when artificially plumped mouths were all the rage—all you needed was a shot glass to insert your lips into, much to the horror of dermatologists. Four years later, it seems humanity hasn’t moved on.

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While this glue can be easily removed through warm water or oil, it may cause allergic reactions. So, here’s a rule of thumb: If your lip makeover includes the use of super glue, you might want to reconsider


Photos courtesy of @chloehammock4 on TikTok


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