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What You Can Expect At This Year’s Scout x UP Campus Tour

What You Can Expect At This Year’s Scout x UP Campus Tour

For this Scout Campus Tour, we’re having our first stop up north to the University of the Philippines Diliman. A big thank you to UP JMA for making this possible, first and foremost.

Now that we’re out with the formalities, can we just say: damn, we’re excited for a Scout x UP Campus Tour! For some of us from the team, UPD has a special place in our hearts, and for sure we’ll do our best to be there.

So why should you come over? We don’t want silly listicles, but we’ll do one one anyway and list down the reasons why we should see you at the Scout X UP Campus Tour:

Damn good music

What differentiates a good event from a better one? Good performers of course. And our performers are the beez knees. Our list is stacked, for real: Regj Mison, Joaqui Madamba, Adora, Ivy, and Thea a.k.a. The Three Of Us, and Over October. If any sparks fly by chance, you’ll be sure you’re going to remember, thanks to the music at the background. You’re welcome <3

Free food, for real

Yup, for real. No strings attached. Well maybe just one–hang with us a little, please? Don’t turn your back on us when you get your grub, which are in abundant supply. Shoutout to our event partners Krispy Kreme and Havaianas. (Note: Our Marketing department wants to let you know that KK will have a create-your-own doughnut booth and will have a promo wherein they’ll give away a dozen doughnuts to a chosen group. Havaianas will have a photobooth and will giveaway limited burgers as well as merch. Don’t tell them we told you. Or do. Idk.)

Get the latest issue, and then some

We’re going to go all Oprah on this one. You get a copy, you get a copy, YOU GET A COPY! We’ve been getting a lot of queries on where you can get our latest issue featuring the #ScoutDoubleTeam, and if you’re one of those peeps messaging us and you’re in the area, then it’s your lucky day. Our issues are also available online, btw. But wait, there’s more! Exclusive Scout merch will also be sold. You better collect ’em all. It’s worth it, fam.

So there: free food, good music, and your own issue of Scout you can take home and maybe post on your wall. Cut your class (just kidding) and come on over (please?), we won’t bite. See you there from 11am to 6pm, and take lots of photos! Use the hashtags #ScoutCampusTour and #ScoutXUP and don’t forget to RSVP here.

This event is presented to you by Hinge Inquirer Publications, the official publisher of Scout Magazine, and co-presented by UP JMA. Special thanks to our event partners, Krispy Kreme and Havaianas.


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