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Scout Friday Picks: Marco Dinglasan of Musical O

Scout Friday Picks: Marco Dinglasan of Musical O



The Indie / Ambient outfit Musical O started out in 2009 as “as a union of 5 different minds sharing a similar goal.” The group’s self-branding is sparse: they believe that what defines them as a band is better heard than read about. At first listen, you’ll notice their quiet swooning melodies melding with lead vocalist Marco Dinglasan’s evocative lyrics. The group’s first album entitled Debutante was released back in 2009 and they are currently working on their next big project.

For this week, Musical O’s lead vocalist / guitarist Marco Dinglasan lists down his favorite songs about love and all its friends. Enjoy!


1. Gunshot Glitter by Jeff Buckley

“I know this isn’t one of his well known love songs, and to be honest I’m not even sure it’s a love song at all, but the music makes for a great soundtrack to wallowing in romance fueled angst or something.”

2. De-luxe by Lush 

“More about love making than love, but I guess those things come hand in hand most of the time.”

3. Necessary Evil by Unknown Mortal Orchestra 

“I sometimes find this song playing in my head when my wife and I are just hanging out.”

4. I’d Like To Walk Around Your Mind by Vashti Bunyan

“I love how the music contrasts the lyrics.”

5. Stand Inside Your Love by The Smashing Pumpkins 

“Besides being a great love song, this made all my teenage romancing feel like life and death situations.”


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